A Helpful Guide in Mobile Printing

A Helpful Guide in Mobile Printing


Almost everyone today owns a smartphone and most of us cannot leave our homes without carrying them with us. We now heavily rely on them for work, communication, information, entertainment, purchasing, socializing, running a business and even for our printing needs. 


So how do you go about printing from your mobile phone or your tablet? Here are a few things to keep in mind.


When looking at mobile printing it is best to have it broken down into categories. Some smartphones allow you to print directly to specific printers. Of course you should expect that you would always be in a situation wherein your 

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBasesmartphone is compatible with the printer available. In situations when your smartphone does not match the  printer, the most common solution is to use a web service or email,  send what you needed printed out perhaps halfway across the globe to have a printer that is just within your reach print it for you. This can sound a bit too much and complicated but as soon as you have this type of service set up, using it is very simple and quick.



Integrated Support


There is great news for iPhone and iPad users in mobile printing. These Apple iOS devices have an AirPrint feature which lets you print directly to Airprint compatible printers that are on the same network. You won’t need to install anything else or tinker with any setting to start printing. If you use an iOS and you’re planning to get a new printer, it is best to check if the printer supports the AirPrint feature.

If you have an Android device like the Samsung Galaxy S3, you can print using Bluetooth. One thing you should know is that printing via Bluetooth can either be a hit or a miss. You can give this a try if a printer with Bluetooth is available. Just pair your Android with the device and choose the Share via Bluetooth option on your Android. Printing via Bluetooth gives varied results and there are certain limitations on what you can print out. But this can come as a handy solution when you’re out of options.


Via App Support


Most printers do not support mobile printing yet. However most printer manufacturers have found a way to support mobile printing and this is with the use of an app. Today, most printers make use of an app that will allow a direct connection to the printer or provide you access over the web or through email. After downloading the app, you’ll need to take care of setting up an account on the printer for it to become accessible. Most commonly, it is accessible through email. After the account has been set up, you can start printing by simply sending an email attachment to the printer. Because of the rising popularity of mobile devices and mobile printing, many manufacturers have come up with an app that does all the tinkering for you. Most commonly, you will be asked to set up these services at the time of installation of your printer but you can also set it up at a later time.


Google’s Cloud Printing Service


Google's Cloud printing service has helped immensely in making mobile printing a lot more available. To use this service you would need to have a Google account so if you don't have one yet, simply create one to take advantage of this service. Most of the newly released models of printer have a built in support for this feature.  But you'll be glad to know that you can actually use the Google Cloud Print service with any printer. Simply download an extension to Google Chrome then you can start setting up Google's Cloud Printing service for any local or network printer you would be using.


Mobile printing is steadily becoming more popular as more and more people are finding the need for it. In the near future we can expect that new advancement and developments in printers would be done to accommodate this modern way of printing.


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