iGemm Application

The foundation of Gemm's Interactive Services is the iGemm Service.


iGemm Services include:


  • Animated, exciting, and richly informative interactive hotel-specific software and website-applications (tailor-made to each hotel's specifications) with extensive information about the hotel and its surrounding community, in a user-friendly format that hotels can easily have their staff update on a regular basis
  • Social networking integration (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Online purchasing from multiple sources, including local merchants
  • Portable "Tabblets" that provide guests with mobile permit internet connectivity, email, long distance phone calling etc
  • Revenue-generating opportunities for the hotel
  • Gemm's Interactive Services provide Mexican hotels with a chance to jump ahead of their vacation destination of choice.  Gemm's Next Generation of Interactive Guest Amenities are available to virtually all sizes of hotels