Gemm's tablets offer proprietary VoIP services, Internet, Social Applications and Games while providing access to key hotel features and access to the Front Desk and Concierge.


  • Guests' cell phones often don't work in Mexico (or cost a fortune per minute if they do), and Gemm's Tablets provide Gemm's own proprietary ViOP service
  • Guests want to be able to surf the Internet, email, play games, etc. on the Net, from a portable device, and Gemm's Tablets make that possible
  • Guests enjoy walking around the hotel and accessing everything they need to know about the hotel and community from a portable device - without needing to call the the Front Desk, vist the Concierge, etc.; and Gemm's "Virtual Concierge" service on its Tablets offer that service
  • Guests can enjoy our proprietary “Connect-On-Us” to connect and chat with other guests with similar interests, and/or communicate with hotel staff