What is VoIP and Its Benefits

 What is VoIP and Its Benefits

Any entrepreneur would want to grow their business and increase its ability to earn profit. Achieving both of these can spell success for a company. There are a host of factors that play a role in attaining these goals, one of them being telecommunications.


In this era of modern technology, the world of communications has been given a major upgrade and it would be wise for any entrepreneur to move forward with the times and adapt with the new developments in technology. VoIP

Application scenario for Voice over IP (VoIP) ...

or Voice over Internet Protocol is one of many advancement in technology and it is only wise for businesses to bring in and embrace VoIP services into their establishment as a part of their efforts to gain success and be on top of the competition.


Many though would still wonder why they would need VoIP services when they already have a reliable communication system via the traditional land lines. To understand just how important VoIP is, what its benefits are and how it can help propel a business to success, one would need to know more about VoIP.


So what is Voice over Internet Protocol?


VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol uses high speed internet connections in transmitting calls rather than the traditional means. This means that not only is VoIP as reliable as land lines but also faster. There are fees associated with local and long distance calls but the fees for both calls are generally the same therefore businesses will find that they can cut their cost on telecommunications with VoIP. International calls will typically have some additional fees but when compared to traditional telecommunication services, VoIP comes out as less expensive.


What Benefits Can a Business Get from Implementing VoIP Services?


When investing in anything, the very first question that is asked is “what’s in it for me?” also referred to as the WIIFM thinking. Both entrepreneurs and consumers should always ask this question before making a purchase or spending money on anything. So what benefits can VoIP services provide a business with?


When you implement VoIP services in your infrastructure, you get three main benefits.


  • VoIP creates a streamlined environment in the workplace – Because of the reliable connectivity of VoIP, the pile of unfinished work that gathers dust and cobwebs is reduced. Desk space is also freed up as VoIP uses slender and hands-free microphones. This means that the people placing the calls have their hands free so they can do other things while on a call therefore productivity can be increased.

  • VoIP cuts telecommunication expenses – VoIP providers usually charge lower rates for local and long distance calls as well as international calls. If you track down the calls your company makes every single day to customers, potential customers, business associates, suppliers, other vendors and a lot more, you’ll realize just how much savings you can make with VoIP. With costs cut down, a business can start gaining more profit.

  • VoIP creates a manageable contact list – This sounds like a pretty  small benefit for many but the truth is it can make a huge difference. Just think of the hours wasted every day in searching for contact details and add up those hours to a year. That’s a lot of wasted hours. Aside from hours wasted, your employees get stressed in hunting down contact details which is not healthy for them. Stress can also negatively impact how they perform and consequently their mood so the work ambiance becomes not too pleasant. In the end, all of these things will hurt a company’s productivity and profitability.  

VoIP offers a tremendous amount of benefit to a business. If you are among the forward thinkers of your industry, you would not need further convincing that this modern technology is a great addition to your efforts in making your business grow and more profitable.

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