Hotel WiFi

Technology is changing at the speed of light, and the iPad and other tablet devices have created an insatiable guest appetite for more and more bandwidth. On-demand movies, video games, music, and of course, Gemm’s own tablet and interactive services require sophisticated, smart, high-quality WiFi systems.  Without them, you simply will not be able to deliver the quality interactive services your guests have come to expect, and even demand.


Many hoteliers continue to believe that their WiFi systems are “adequate”, but most are nowhere close to properly satisfying guest demands for bandwidth-consuming, interactive services.  In addition, most systems have “spotty” coverage, do not provide sophisticated, mesh routing, are not reliable, don’t offer guests sufficient security, and are difficult to expand. What makes Gemm’s WiFi Systems different?  They cover more area, are far more efficient, provide stronger and “smarter”  signals, are easily managed remotely, and are flexible for expansion of new services. 


All of these qualities result in virtually no Internet “down time”, and extremely satisfied guests. Gemm’s WiFi Systems use the following patented technologies:


  • Advanced quality of service engines
  • Best path selection algorithms
  • Smarter and larger antenna patterns with fewer hops
  • Well planned mesh RF routing
  • WiFi management that is coordinated and centralized
  • Adapt to environmental conditions in real-time
  • Extend signal range from 2 to 4 times with Access Points


    In Summary, Gemm's Interactive Services and Gemm WiFi Systems are a perfect complement.