Custom Internet Workstations

Gemm's Workstations are All in One units that (1) have a very small footprint,(2) are more aesthetically appealing with large, 20” screens, and (3) offer more guest options with proprietary services. 

They include a scanner, printer, and facsimile, and are managed remotely. Workstations need to be replaced every two or three years, and new models outdate existing ones rapidly.  Gemm remains very sensitive to the need to keep its workstation equipment current and state-of-the-art.

There are a minimum of 10 GREAT reasons why you can’t afford to be without Gemm’s Workstations, and they are as follows: 

10 Great Reasons for our Work Station Solutions.

1.  No contract agreement
2.  No Cost
3.  Installed (wireless or wired) within 15 days
4.  Free Long Distance calls with our proprietary iG VoIP service
5.  Free Boarding Pass Access
6.  Free Printing
7.  24/7 Live Chat for Support
8.  Multiple payment options (credit card and scratch cards)
9.  Automated billing and reporting
10. Highly Secure Systems

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